Texans Theme Cake

Posted on: September 9th, 2013

It is that time of year and everyone in the Houston area has football fever, specifically Texans fever. Personally I would prefer to watch the US Open Mens Final tonight. I am sure there will be a battle that will be ensuing at my house as to whether I get to watch my tennis love Djokovic, or if I will have to succumb to football. I am sure I will be taking one for the team and watching Monday Night Football, but I do not hold any anger towards the Texans,  just the man holding the remote.

In honor of MNF taking over my tv, I wanted to post my favorite Texans themed treat.  We loved designing this cake for many reasons. The first reason is that it was for the BIGGEST fan and she is lady! Keeping this in mind we wanted to keep to the football theme but also give it a girly flare. We chose to keep it simple on the bottom with the Texans logo and giving it a feminine touch by incorporating fun confetti along the bottom. we also wanted to personalize the cake by adding her name on the back of her own jersey. The client (who I adore for her enthusiasm and fun spirit) loved this cake and ever since she has been allowing Rise to make all of her game day treats.

Ladies as you are read this post while your tv is being taken hostage by MNF, I hope you will think of Rise when your biggest football fan is in need of a game day treat.

Texans Themed Cake